Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bye Bye Summertime...

Where does the time go? I can't believe that today was the first day of school for all the kiddos!! This morning we went to my in-laws for breakfast for the first day of school; its a tradition that they've always done. We got up at 6:45 & were there by 7. Bryce & Baylee were so excited to see their cousins & threw a fit when they couldn't go to school too! I just hope they're that excited to go when they really do start!!
We had a great fun filled summer. We went to Mexico with 5 other couples in June to celebrate our 30th Birthdays, all the girls graduated HHS together, and we had such a great time. Then in July I went to Breckenridge, CO for a conference with my sister in law & had a great time there as well. We've also been blessed to spend time with some of our friends. We've gone to the lake with Paul & Meghan, floated the river with Trisha/Mitch, April/Eric, Destiny/Jason, & Kari/John, watched to UFC fights, gone to White Water A LOT, made trips to Holdenville, & swam at Bryan parents. We have had a wonderful summer & made lots of memories.
I start my masters full time, and I might add, it's the accelerated program, Sept 1. I will graduate the first weekend of August 2010 with my MS in Nursing Education & will be so glad to have that behind me. Wish me luck on the juggle of family, work, and school!!
Bryce & Baylee are still the funniest babies in the world. Yesterday, however, was a little hectic. I went & picked them up from daycare, came home as usual & they started to play. Well as time passed & noticed Baylees door was shut so I decided to check in on her...well...she had marked ALL over her with an ink pen...literally everywhere except for her face. So I strip her down & get her in the bath tub to wash it off. Once she was cleaned up & dried off here comes Bryce...running in the living room saying, "Mommy I'm done poopin'"...well, there was poo still on his butt & on his leg. I go to the bathroom to clean him up & find more poo all over the toilet!!! So, then I have to get him in the bath tub, clean him off, & clean the toilet!! It's a crazy world in the Tapley house!!
Now, we're just winding down from a great summer & getting ready for some OU football, well Bryan is getting ready for OS-who football too!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

A wonderful day!

We had such a wonderful day today! We started off the day getting ready & went to get donuts! Bryce & Baylee love glazed donuts with chocolate icing & chocolate milk! Then we went over to Bryans sister, Crystal's house, where the kids played. Bryan then took Bryce to the fireman easter egg hunt while Baylee & I stayed at Aunt Kekes waiting on their cousins, Mallory & McKenzi to get there. The kids played & Bryce gathered enough eggs for all 4 of them at the hunt & even shared them! Then we went to eat at Harry Bears. Which by the way, was really awful food, but we enjoyed our time there regardless. Then we made our way out east to Bryans cousins 1st bday party! They live on about 2 acres so the kids ran & played outside. They would go to the top of the hill & race down. Baylee bit it twice right on her face but didn't cry once! They are fast too---like their mommy! ;) Then they blew up the moon bounce! Oh man was it ever a hit! The kids loved it! Bryce was spiderman bouncing off the walls, literally! Then in mid-air he said, "I'm big time!" I just about lost it!! I have no idea where he got that! They threw a fit to leave, but by this time it was 3:30 & they had yet to take a nap & were exhausted. We piled them in the truck & headed back west & in order to keep them up until we got home we sang songs on the way home. Then I started asking them, as I usually do, "who's mommys favorite little boy or little girl (whoever I'm asking) in the whole wide world?" And, they'd answer, "ME!" Then Baylee got on this kick saying she was a boy & had a duker. And as she was saying this, her & Bryce were cracking up laughing!! Bryan & I just smiled & soaked it all in! They are at such a cute funny stage! They are a handful, but man I really do count my blessings for the sweet, precious family God has given me! Wouldn't trade it for the world!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Grandparents bday bash & hurt elbow!

Last weekend was wonderful! We had a little birthday bash for my Granny & Tommy at my parents house. They celebrated 75 & 85, respectively. All of my family (well all but Toby---she lives in NYC & couldn't get away) were there to celebrate. We had great food, of course. We surprised Gran & "Toe-mas", as my children call him, with 2 big pictures of the family that we had taken at Christmas & they loved them. Then, as my dad always does, wrote such a tear jerking poem for them, and as always, my uncle Kent did a GREAT job narrating it!! Baylee was quite the little helper with opening gifts & busy hugging everyone & Bryce entertained everyone again with his spiderman acting & wrestling with anyone & everyone who would wrestle with him.

Then the work week started. Monday & Tuesday were normal clinical days for me & then came Tuesday night. I made dinner for the family, we ate, & I cleaned up the mess. I loaded the dishwasher & left the door down for some unknown reason. I decided to go get dirtly clothes out of the hamper in the hallway & take them to the washing machine. As I turned the corner to head into the kitchen, SMACK---BOOM----OUCH---my left leg hit the door of the dishwasher & the rest of my body cleared the door completely!! I feel flat on my left hand, clothes everywhere & it hurt like a SOB!! I immediatly thought, OH my, I have broken my arm. Bryce & Baylee came in there with such worry on their faces. Bryce started to cry...they were so worried about their mommy. Well as the night progressed, my elbow started to swell & my range of motion was shrinking!! I avoided the ER...hate waiting in those places. So, the next morning I decided to go to the doctor (my sweet husband even took off work to take me after I begged him). Important tid bit to all of this is that I have a lovely HMO plan...yes lovely!! Remind me to NEVER sign up for an HMO again!! The doctor they assigned me too, no I have never been to my PCP, moved and is no longer living in Oklahoma. So, I call my insurance agency & change doctors to someone I sort of knew. I called his office & his NICE (I"m being a complete smart a#$) tells me politely that they can't get me in until next Wednesday! WHAT???? A week away!! I was like, YOu don't understand, I think I have broken my arm & I know you all save appointments for situations like this. She tells me again, "He has no appointments until next Wed. You will need to go to the ER." Okay, so I was getting pissed off by this point. I pay for insurance & I am assigned to this doctor & they want me to go pay $150 copay to go to the ER. I refused!! So Bryan decides to call the doctor himself, well he gets the nurses voicemail & oddly enough once he heard her name, he knew her. She went to high school with his sister. Anyhow, he figured she'd call back & get me in, but me being impatient & in terrible pain called my insurance company & switched doctors AGAIN to my friends husband (which is on the north side---about 20 min away). So in the mean time of setting up the appointment with my friends husband & attempting to get ready with one working arm, the nurse from the previous doctor called back, & apologized & said she could get me in that morning. Well, since I had already made an appt with my friends husband I just went to him. I had an xray done which showed no actual fracture, but with severe swelling into the joint! Which led them to believe it could be ligament damage. So they wanted me to get an MRI. Well, I am holding off because my range of motion is improving & my pain is getting better. I've been icing it & taking ibuprofin. If it stops improving I will call & follow through with an MRI, but until then lets just hope it gets better on it's own. I still, however, can not put my bra on by myself...I guess it's a good thing I dont' really need one!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice storm 2009

Wanted to post some pictures of the kiddos playing in the snow didn't last long b/c they got too cold. We sure are getting bored after being inside for 3 days!! We are ready for a pretty day to go outside & play. Summer can't come soon enough!! I also wanted to post some pics of Baylee with her sponge rollers in & the result!! (I just figured out how to upload pics into the blog post so pls forgive me if I have pictures on top of each other & out of order..I'm slow!!)

Friday, January 23, 2009

curls, friends, smoking, & dukers!

It's been forever!! I've been pretty busy since school started back up. However, I am taking the semester off from my masters and am super relieved about that. This group I have this semester at Rose is sooo good...they all WANT to learn & even stay late after class to study....and, I might add, they are sweet too. Makes my job much more exciting when my students have this kind of know the kind I had throughout college...HAHAHAHA!!!
Baylee & Bryce are growing sooo much. We rolled Baylees hair for the first time last night with sponge rollers...should have seen her hair this was tiny ringlets all over...I thought it was a little too curly...a little fuzzy if you will...she loved it though & couldn't wait to show her teacher. Heck, she's cute no matter what!
Bryce is on the new kick of friends. He tells me, more when he wants something, mom, you're my friend. They are already telling me who they want to come to their birthday party...which is still 4 months away!!
I have to tell you this too. At day care we get a report everyday of how they did, what they ate, how long they slept, how many times they used the bathroom, and anything else we may need to know. Well...for the record, Bryan & I do NOT smoke, however, as most of you know, my mom does & Bryans dad does also. So at the bottom of the report the other day, they wrote a little note at the bottom of Bryce's that said....Bryce kept picking up sticks today & pretending to smoke them. I laughed & then quickly thought Oh my!! I immediatly called my mom & told her what she had taught him. Oh, the things they pick up!!
Baylee has recently informed my that she wants to be a cheerleader & she even knows the chant, Go Fight Win with moves to's pretty cute!!
One more thing I have to share....I'm really putting this on here to see if my children are abnormal or if other children wonder/ask these same things. I was changing Bryce the other day & Baylee got really close to him...I thought she might be getting ready to give him a kiss....well, I was wrong. Instead, she politely asked him, "Bubba, do you like to play with your duker?" (We call "his" part a duker). I about lost it!!
That's all for now!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Hot like fire...

It's been FOREVER since I have posted...I've been pretty busy though. I have to share a few comments my kiddos have said recently. The other day Baylee & I were watching the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders on CMT & I asked her, "do you want to be a cheerleader?" She looked at me & said, "No." I said, "What do you want to be?" And, with the sweetest little voice she replied, "Like mama, a pretty girl!" Isn't that so stinkin' sweet? Then she was poking my boobies---I know---weird!! But what was so funny is that while she was doing it I asked her if mommy had little boobies or big boobies & she smiled really big & said BIG boobies!! She knows just what to say, already!!
Bryce is a HUGE ET & Ironman fan. The other day my mom & dad asked him what color ET's heart was & he said, "Hot---like Fire." So cute!! Then as my parents were driving down the road after dark, Bryce sat up really big & pointed at the head lights of an oncoming car & said, "LOOK, it's a lightening bug!"
They are so cute!! Ornery but so clever!! They have the biggest imaginations too!!
We put up our Christmas tree tonight & the rest of the decorations inside. Bryan is going to put up the lights outside tomorrow since it's supposed to be pretty warm.
I love Christmas time!! Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving---we sure did!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

I have a new name

Baylee has officially given me a new name, Momo (the last "o" is a long o sound). And when she says it she really exaggerates the mo part of it!! My babies really crack me up. It's so cool to see their different personalities really come out. I do have to confess that my children are picking up bad words, from thier father---not from me. Seriously!! Anyhow, the other day when I went to pick them up from school their teacher told me that today at lunch Baylee told another child, Kenny, (with a straight face) that she was going to spank his ass!! WHAT?!?!?! AWFUL...I know!! The teacher said she had to force a straight face & tell Baylee not to say bad words. And then, my son, started saying shit at the farm over & over again!! Have we created monsters with potty mouths!! They haven't said any in a while so we're hoping they have moved on to better words to repeat!! They really repeat anything and everything. One more thing, the other day Baylee was plucking the petals off my flowers outside & I said " Baylee, is that necessary?" And she looked at me & repeated exactly what I had said!! They are a mess & make me laugh everyday! I really thank God for them everyday. You're right Trisha...I'd rather have my hands full than empty any day of the week!! They are blessings & I'm so proud to be a mommy!!